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DallasDfwDude started this conversation
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Dallas,Texas Parkland Plus 214-590-5489 (be sure to say Plus) offers exractions for ten dollars each. You can register even on weekends. Waiting room can be up to 5 hours. Apply to Baylor School of Dentistry Apply for a grant at There is a low cost clinic on Peak Street 214-821-8644 Office visit is $25.00
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Dentures for $5k is an average price for not great quality appliances. If I could time-compress the evolution of my biz I would have long ago not just for me, but for every body else. To me it really doesn't matter that I am currently not in such a great place either. That's why things are progressing at the speed of molasses moving uphill, in winter. Keep fighting the good fight. Here, touch this spot ***.

 I will see if a tiny bit of karma will actually rub off and travel through the internet to you. It sounds silly, but all it takes is "willingness". Please post your results. If it works for you (it may), tell everybody else to find that spot and touch it also. 

Thank God that change is the only true constant in the Universe. 

Our current adversity is only happening so we will have the wisdom to appreciate the coming good times.



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 in response to Uncle Buck...   

Call your local Chapter of the United Way....tell them your needs....there is an Disability Advocate program in every state...they will be able to help in job far as dental....I am in the same boat, disabled and needing dental care, our government doesn't seem to think teeth are vital to anyones might try and google Dental Schools....that may be the only affordable way to get dental care....there are none near me to help but that there may be one where you live....


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 in response to michi11...   

Hi, Michi.  I saw your post and maybe this will help you get the lowest price possible on your dental care: I wanted to let you know about the great company I work with - click on the link near my name that says Save Money/Make Money to see how you can save up to 80% on your dental and health care costs for you and your entire household, and also you may want to look into working from home with us.  We have providers nationwide and many are willing to work out payment plans.  Let me know if you have any questions - I'm here to help!  Best wishes, Rosie

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I also have no teeth.Most are gone and I am 38 and feel so ugly and do not smile anymore.Ive gone to dozen of places and got prices for $5,000  for everything! Its crazy,I have no credit,and having a hard time with my 2yr.old.THE ONE thing thats GOOD is MY MOTHER said she will help me pay for Dentures.But I am LOST on where to start.I already tried Modest needs,but they wanted paperwork.So Ill try again.But am just so upset cause it seems like everyones wants to charge over 2-4 thousands dollars.Thanks for listening



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Uncle Buck
Thanks for the tooth extraction information. My 26 year old son has had diabetes since he was 18 months old and his teeth are so rotten. He needs help with medical and dental care. He's also got ADHD and never graduated high school. I worry about him. He is so thin and gets diabetic ulcers on his legs very easily. All he has to do is rub his leg on the covers a little while he's asleep and it turns into a horrible sore. Right now his leg is so red and swollen from the knee down and he can't wear shoes or his feet swell. I wish I had the money to get him the care he needs. My husband is also diabetic, but we have health insurance through work. My son hasn't worked very often or for very long when he did have jobs. If there's any organization that helps and trains people for jobs they are capable of doing so they can get on their own, please post the information. I want him to experience being on his own and have a life.
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